Brandon McCloskey

Brandon McCloskey is a public safety officer, security officer, web designer, business owner, brother, son, uncle, great uncle, great great uncle, and a Christian. In November of 2011 this journey first took hold when his mom and him had decided to begin their weight loss journey after the holidays.

Brandon had seen on the news about Jim Capoot a Vallejo Police Officer killed in the line of duty who he knew on a professional basis. It was on Thanksgiving he saw a news article about Jim's family and how they were "Charging On" even in the face of this tragedy that he decided that the journey to weight loss would begin that day. Yes on Thanksgiving.

Over the next 12 and a half months he counted calories, worked out 6-7 days a week. At the end of 2012 he had lost 85 lbs going from 350 down to 265.  The following year, 2013, would prove to be a very hard year. He plateaued many times and had a lot life experiences all rolled into a few months.

The subsequent years saw very little progress in fact due to picking up many responsibilities he put on not just the weight he lost but more. Now on December 1, 2018 he begins this journey again at the age of 40.