New Year New Plan

I could honestly sit here an spin lie after lie about why I haven’t posted in 13 days. But let’s be real. December is holiday season which was a recipe for disaster. But that would be a lie too if you think about it. My journey back in 2012 started on Thanksgiving. But this year I let the holiday season be about enjoying the holiday and being present in the moment. I decided that I would be like all the others and do the January 1st start date. So here we go new year new me right!


I spent a whole boat load of time meal prepping! But not before I misbehaved. At work last night I had for the umpteenth time forgot to pack and bring my lunch. So I vending machined my lunch and I’ll be honest I did NOT make healthy decisions as you’ll see by today’s nutrition below (thank you MyFitnessPal). I ate 700 useless high sugar calories. Were they good? Absolutely. But honestly I could’ve used them elsewhere.

Meal Prepping

When I woke up later in the day (I work grave shift remember) I decided it was time to meal prep. Side note check out these containers I got from Amazon 50 for $17. I’ll be honest they are a little flimsy and they claim to be safe clean in the dishwasher (other side note I don’t have a dishwasher all mine are hand washed) but honestly for $0.34 each I won’t be sad if they have to be tossed after each use.

So I knocked out my dinners.

I made 10 of these which consist of:

  • Casarecce Organic Pasta – Garofalo
  • Classico – Alfredo Pasta Sauce
  • Costco – Ground Turkey
  • Flavrpac – Green Peas

445 calories. I made 10 days worth and stuck in the freezer. When I got done with these I had intended to finish there. I was in the mindset I needed to grocery shop. So as I was preparing my list for the store I looked in my cupboards and discovered I actually have plenty of food and need to deplete what I have before shopping. So I took on breakfast meal prep.

This consists of:

  • Krusteaz Pancake Mix (1/2 cup of mix, which I made yield 4 pancakes)
  • Belvita Breakfast Biscuits
  • Log Cabin Maple Syrup (not pictured)

Calories roughly 625. I do need to buy some bananas which will up that to 735.  Or maybe some blueberries to add in.

I figured breakfast needs to be the biggest meal. That’s what I’ve read everywhere. My goal is 1600-1800 calories total. So we’re up to about 1070 (1180 with the banana). So that gives me between 530-730 more calories to use for snacks and lunch.

Again looking throughout my cupboards and refrigerator I found again that grocery shopping is not necessary. Here is what I have around. *Not necessarily will be in my daily consumption but some variation will be added in.*

  • Ham
  • Salmon Burgers
  • Wheat Thins
  • Almonds
  • Nutrigrain Bars
  • Yogurt
  • Pepperidge Farm – Milano Cookies – Dark Chocolate (2 Cookies serving)
  • Nissin Cup o’ Noodle (chicken)

Some variation of the above will be used to make up the remaining calories. My plan though is to put it into my lunch bag and use it as a bit of a “feeding trough”. When the bag is empty I’m done til dinner.

So let’s talk today’s workout. I had planned on either going to Planet Fitness or working out at home. I had stumbled upon the original Tae Bo videos from when it first began. I was going to do the basic workout. But as I was taking out my garbage wearing sandals I tripped and skinned my toe thus putting me out of commission for the night.

Lousy excuse I know but it bled A LOT. By the time I got it under control I had to leave for work. Tomorrow though without fail integrate exercise. But today’s calories were on point. So I’m excited for the next 10 days to see what kind of progress I can make!

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