Tomorrow’s the day!

Well after 4 days of getting things in order tomorrow is the day that I will finally begin the process. The last 4 days have really been trying and bothersome in trying to get going. Between trying to get my meals right, to clothes not fitting, to other issues, it has all been quite the process.

Today I didn’t get much sleep at all. Had someone show up a week early to do work on my apartment. Had 4 phone calls that could have waited. Keep in mind I got off work at 6am. Bulk of my calories were consumed in the early morning hours during my shift as I was eating my lunch. I have realized today that I need to tone down my lunch quite a bit!

So finally woke up around 12pm. Had breakfast. Ran errands. Went to my sister’s and had an amazing but calorie rich dinner.

Came home and caught a nap before my other job. My sister sent me home with this exact meal and I intended on taking it to work and eating it after midnight but consumed it before I left. So needless to say my calories are crazy today!

Anyway tomorrow things will be on track. I now have a game plan for what I need to do food wise. Also I can get to the gym and workout as I’ve found some shorts to use til the other ones come in the mail. So tomorrow get ready for it!

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