Tired of excuses…

There’s honestly no good excuse I could put here that would make you the reader understand the issue. I said yesterday¬†that I would be working out today that I had a pair of shorts I could use. The truth is I was just going to wear a pair that really don’t fit well to go work out. But as the time approached my self esteem became my excuse. I used it as a crutch by which not to work out. Why a crutch? Because if it was such an issue I could have worked out at home. I mean really YouTube has a ton of videos to workout to!

So anyway my diet wasn’t on point today either because again I let self esteem and laziness dictate indiscretion in my diet. See the image at the top.

Anyway the only up side I can give you my reader is that #1 Friday without fail even if its at home is the day! #2 I got a new digital Fitbit Aria 2 scale!

But you know I can’t be too hard on myself. This is a huge commitment so I’m really considering this past 5 days preparation. As I mentioned in a previous post¬†tomorrow is a rest day because of my work schedule. Then Friday count on pictures of something. Even if its me doing Tae Bo in my living room!

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