The real day 1!

Here we are folks as promised! Let me get through the formalities so we can get to the workout! So I began my day with a great night’s sleep before which helped tremendously. Woke up and had a relatively good breakfast of coffee and the Belvita  Breakfast Biscuits. 

Headed off to work and did not pack my lunch DOH!! Well I stumbled upon some breakfast burritos left over from an event that morning and partook in 2 of them and Sunny Delight. Not too bad right?

Got off work and wouldn’t you know I didn’t bring my gym bag again! Good Lord. So I came home and was a little fearful that I wouldn’t go again. But I came home and livestreamed church services and had dinner. The second it was over I grabbed my trusty gym bag and headed off to Planet Fitness! 

I had already decided I wanted to do a 5k on the treadmill. I wanted to see health wise where I was at. Why does this matter? Well because back in the beginning of 2013 I could do a 5k in 40 minutes flat! Yes 12 minute miles! So I got into Planet Fitness   went into the bathroom to change. Broke out my new shorts, keyword Broke. My goodness the drawstrap broke before I even put them on. But I was undeterred. So what if I had to keep hiking them up! Got dressed and got my butt on the treadmill. 

I had to do the workout in 2 waves. Partially because the treadmill only goes to 60 minutes. The other part …. well mother nature called. Here are the final numbers:

I’m okay with those numbers (75 minutes total) but its nowhere where I wanna be. But again its a start and I’m back friends! So stay tuned!

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