Here we go again

Well I asked the people and the people have spoken. I sent out an Instagram story post awhile ago. I posted a picture of my workout at the local Planet Fitness¬†and asked people if I started a blog whether or not they would read it and I got a lot of YES’s. So here we go. Being fully transparent I was starting this journey in September and I ended up not sticking with it after getting sick then I went on a trip to Haiti at the end of October. November went by and now its December 1st. I decided this maybe the only way to keep myself accountable is by blogging about it.

Beginning stats is 383 lbs (I will confirm tomorrow when I go by Planet Fitness) but that was my last weigh in.

Meal plan. My plan is to use MyFitnessPal absolutely strictly and stay under the allotted calories they recommend. Here’s today (click on each to view bigger):

For my exercise today I wish I could say I did anything major but given that this is my day 1 again I just stuck to getting my steps in on my FitBit

So anyway this is at least a starting point. I’m planning on going by the gym to weigh in tomorrow to confirm my starting weight. Due to my crazy work schedule I won’t be working out. In case your curious:

Job 1: Thu-Sun 12pm-6pm
Job 2: Sun-Thu 10pm-6am (yes grave shift)

My workout plan is:
Mon – Wed Planet Fitness

Thu – Rest/No Exercise (due to working both jobs)

Friday – Planet FItness

Saturday – Hike at Pena Adobe in Vacaville (weather permitting if not Planet FItness

Sunday – every other week Planet Fitness in the morning before work

So this blog is to serve as my accountability and check ins. Please consider subscribing! Help me be accountable and I’m hoping to see this guy again (circa in 2013, see my about page)

Circa 2013

So until tomorrow my friends!


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