Confirming the number, mistake made

So here it is day 2 of this blog and I already allowed myself to listen to the voice of the enemy (Christianity term for the devil for anyone who are non-believers following me). If you read yesterday’s post¬†you’ll know that today I was going to check out my weight. So I checked out my weight today and confirmed that God awful number of 383. Honestly, I was hoping it was lower I won’t lie. I should at least be happy that it wasn’t more and that I managed to maintain since September. But instead I allowed it to effect me negatively and I made a mistake at the end of the day.


My day started off great had a full night’s sleep and a relatively healthy breakfast of coffee, a banana, some breakfast crackers, and a nutri-grain bar. Side note for anyone wondering I have bad allergies and some days getting breakfast into me is a challenge. Drainage from the whole night leaves me nauseated when I wake up so finding food to start my day with that won’t cause me to vomit is a challenge.


I now pack a moderately healthy lunch. I think I over pack but I do that so I TRY not to be tempted by other things.

3 String Cheese, 1 Activia Yogurt, Apple slices, Ham Sandwich, Pringles Chips, Almonds, Milano Dark Chocolate Cookies, Ready Snax (carrots, grapes, pretzel, cheese), and cup o noodle. No I don’t always eat that all but I over pack to deter bad stuff.


Well lunch looks great right? It is honestly and mostly healthy. But after 3 items (String cheese, dark chocolate cookies, and apple slices) I decided it was time for my Saturday ritual meal. What is that? I booted up my DoorDash app and ordered a burrito bowl from Chipotle. In my head I justified it because I got chicken instead of my usual steak.


Got home from work and because I work from 10pm-6am I took a nap and when I got up to get ready for work I had my usual dinner (organic pasta, ground turkey, alfredo sauce, with a side of peas). Pretty good right?


Well off to work, I made a pitstop and confirmed my weight 383 so I got to work and fell into my old thing I hit the vending machine when I got to work, not good.

It so wasn’t worth it and truly was a mistake! Anyway here is calorie wise what my day looked like:

Printed from my MyFitnessPal

If you allow the calorie credit from Fitbit I didn’t do bad. I don’t count that. Grant it I got my 10k+ steps

Anyway tomorrow starts the true journey. So get ready for pics of me and the machines I workout on. Get ready for images out there! Until next time!

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