8 pounds down!

Okay I’ve been neglecting my blog and I really do apologize! So what have I been up to?

Well I can assure you that if you are following me on MyFitnessPal that I have been keeping up with my calorie counting. I’ve had a handful of bad days where I’ve not just gone over but I’ve gone WAY over. But yet in spite of these things I’ve managed to lose a total of 8 pounds now!

That’s right as of yesterday I am down to 375! I’m way ahead of my planned goal. But I’m also really stumped by it. How is this remotely possible? I mean seriously I’ll be completely honest I’ve only worked out 2 actual days in 17 days. The only time I’m getting my 10,000 steps is when I’m at my part time job AND when the weather permits that amount of walking. Those in the area know how crazy the rain has been!

Don’t get me wrong I’ll take it and its a great victory but I won’t lie I’m keeping close tabs on it. Because the thing I’ve learned about weight loss journeys is you gotta do it right and you gotta go slow and steady and shoot for 2-3 lbs per week (ideally 2). So let’s not harp on this much longer and move along.

Not making excuses but I’ve been dealing with an issue at home. I discovered that my lovely neighbor has caused a roach problem in my apartment. He has them and they found their way to my apartment. I am praying as of today I have the issue if not under control then at least on the way to being in control. So I can finally move on with this weight loss journey of mine.

Anyway the last 2 days I’ve read up on meal prep ideas and have been coming up with a plan for something different. I got so motivated that I went on Amazon and ordered a 50 pack of meal prep containers. They’ll be here tomorrow and I’ll add an image tomorrow! Then I’m going to the grocery store and shop for the following meal plan:

Pancakes (220 calories)
Syrup (200 calories)
Banana (110 calories)

Turkey Taco Lunch Bowls (387 calories)

Pasta Dinner with veggies (462 calories)

Tuna Protein Box (414 calories)

I will add pictures to this blog after I prep them all tomorrow. But my plan is 1 week at a time. Because let’s face it we’re talking about 21 containers here. But I want to make sure to give credit where credit is due please make sure to click the links above to the meals. I found an amazing blog Sweat Peas and Saffron with unbelievable meal prep ideas. I’ll definitely be using some of those going forward so I want to make sure to give credit.

Anyway hoping to go back to the gym tomorrow. So I’m going to wrap it up here. Please visit this blog tomorrow night or Wednesday morning as I’ll be adding the images in. Thank you for keeping up with me!

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