2 Pounds Down?!?

Well in spite of all that has happened I actually lost 2 pounds according to the scale! And given the high tech nature of the scale I guess its accurate. You know what is absolutely amazing though is I got on the scale late in the evening. Which means the food from the day (minus dinner) was still in the stomach/system being digested. So I’ll take it because it means 2 more pounds and I’ll be in the 370’s and this impresses me. The reason being is #1 I haven’t really been good with calories and #2 I haven’t really been active til today. During work I just kept doing a perimeter walk until I got my 10,000 steps on my FitBit.


If you would have said yesterday that I would lose 2 lbs I would’ve said you were crazy. So all in all I’m impressed with myself. Happy really! Because also found out my new gym shorts were delivered today! So that means TOMORROW for real is the day I begin this journey right! =) So until then!

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